Digital STEM Challenge Activity- How Much Water Can A Penny Hold?

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I love to do STEM challenges! I have always wanted to integrate more technology into my STEM challenges but hadn't fully wrapped my brain around how to integrate it properly.  I have done many digital interactive lessons for math class so I decided to try to take a STEM challenge I already had created and turn it into a digital STEM challenge!

The result: AMAZING!!! Not only were the students able to have a hands-on experience with a science and math challenge but they were able to practice making tables, graphs and typing in text boxes.  These students are learning 21 century skills in a meaningful, real world way!

Afterwards students designed their own investigation.  Students could compare the number of water droplets on pennies and nickels or the water droplets on clean pennies versus dirty pennies.  Students could think of what ever they wanted to test! Students loved designing their own investigation!   

I am very happy with how this turned out! I will be making two more digital STEM challenges, so stay connected! If you want to get your hands on this digital challenge check it out in my TpT Store or press this LINK! 

Until then- 
Peace, Love and Math

Let's Celebrate! STAAR Scores are Back!

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What a perfect time to celebrate! 
Let me start by saying, I believe that test scores do not define a child in his or her entirety. My students have grown so much and showed that growth on this STAAR test. With or without a test, EVERY student has grown this year, and EVERY student has evolved into a better reader, mathematician, and scientist. I strongly feel that this is the reason they are able to perform so well on the tests. Not because they have been taught how to do a test, but have learned and discovered their inner mathematician, scientist or reader and can think critically about the material.

 I am very excited to announce that we received our test scores for Math and Reading STAAR tests.
 I wanted to share with you just how amazing your students are! 

I had 100% of my students (every student including those who has special education support and accommodations) passed the first administration of the STAAR test! I am very proud of them and all of their hard work! 

Just in time to help me celebrate is a TEACHER GIVEAWAY!  I have joined in on Teacher Genie's amazing celebration! Way to go! 4000 members is AWESOME! 

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Peace, Love and Math!

Crazy in Love with Google Interactive Math Activities!

Saturday, April 15, 2017 1 comment
As you all know I love to use technology in my Math class.  Within the last few months I have been diligently creating Google Slide Projects that reinforce concepts while keeping students engaged and excited about learning.  Why are these projects so AWESOME!!!??? Here are the top 5 reasons why Google Projects are the future!

1. Integrates Technology!
Students need 21st century skills.  Google projects allow students to create text boxes, tables and use line tools among other tech skills.  The best way for a student to learn tech skills is to practice those skills in real world applications. Students are more likely to remember how to create a table, shape or drawing by actually doing the skill in a meaningful way.

Here students are comparing coin amounts! 

2. Easy to Share and No Copies! No Paper!
If your school is like mine, you are limited in paper and copies.  Google projects allow you to share the project with students without requiring ANY PAPER! or ANY COPIES! All you need to share the project is a platform to share the link out on.  You can share the link through Edmodo, Google Classroom or even a QR Code.  All the students need is their own Google Drive.

Here students are creating models to demonstrate multiplying fractions by wholes.

3. Differentiation At It's Best!
Students require many different levels of rigor.  You can allow students to work independently or with parters or peer support.  You can also manipulate the slides to eliminate slides for students who may require a shortened assignment.  Students may have a shortened assignment but the same level of rigor and problem solving needed for state exams.

Here two students are collaborating on the same project! I encourage students to use scratch paper. 

4. Can Be Used on an Interactive White Board!
You can complete the project as a whole class, using an interactive white board! This year while reviewing for the state test, I allowed some students to go on without me while I completed the same work as a small group using the white board.  Using data I knew who needed the most assistance, so I pulled those students with me to the white board.  Again, this is a wonderful way to differentiate the content, but still allows the students to experience rigorous problem solving situations.

This teacher differentiated between classes! May be you are short on time in one class due to fire drill, class pictures or assembly, using your board is an awesome idea to save time! 

Students wont even realize they are learning or practicing math concepts! Students love to try something new and what better way to learn then on technology!

Here students are practicing number lines using emojis! 

I love this projects so much, that I have created many projects for 5th grade and 4th grade! You can find them all at my TpT store.  I will be making 6th grade projects this summer (2017) and they will be ready to go by the start of the new school year! 

I am so encouraged by my students positive attitude towards technology that I will be attempting to change my interactive math journal over to a digital Google version.  I am super excited about starting a digital math journal and I will be sharing my experience here in the fall! 

So Many New Things Coming! 
So check out my store often! Follow my store to be the first to hear about new products! 

Until next time!
Peace Love Math-

Twas the Night Before STAAR Math

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Well here we are at the finish line! We have come so far this year and have achieved so much.  My 5th grade students will take the Math STAAR on Tuesday and I could not be more excited for them! We have prepped, reviewed and they are ready for what lies ahead.  On Monday I will send home a note of encouragement.  I always do this the night before STAAR.  I attach a package of smarties to the letter and instruct students not to read the letter until they get home.

I actually have a lucky bracelet.  I know it sounds silly but I have worn the bracelet every year starting when I review the curriculum up until I get results back.  My lucky bracelet has never failed me and the kids love hearing about my lucky bracelet too.  
I have put a completely editable copy of this letter for FREE on my TpT store.  Just Click HERE! 

GOOD LUCK to everyone taking tests next week! 

Peace, Love, Math
Jennifer Stice