WOW! A New Grade Level = A New Level of STRESS!!! (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

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This year I switched to 6th grade Math, instead of 5th grade math. I TOTALLY underestimated the ability to just change a grade level! It has been super hard! First of all, I did not have any materials that I have used year after year and I was totally unaware of how serious 6th grade math really is, spolier alert, it is like junior high! My kids are doing really well with the content but I am putting hours of work into making meaningful activities and lessons to reinforce their learning. I am so busy creating content that I feel as though I have neglected my blog, and I am sorry about that! This summer I will create a series of blog posts that detail my journey through sixth grade along with several 6th grade freebies and links to products I have created for sixth grade.  Next school year I will be back in 5th (where I belong:) and hopefully I will stay! If you want a preview of my newest products, please visit my TpT Store here!

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Prime Factorization Fun!

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I love to teach Prime Factorization! This year I have added a new activity into the mix! It was so much fun! The kids were engaged and worked through many rigorous problems to show their prime factorization skills. The activity is called Penny's Prime Factorization Predicament.  This is an escape room type activity that allowed students to work out several problems to decipher clues which led to other clues hidden all around the school. The students absolutely loved it! The first clue was a coloring clue that led the students to find clue 2 in the cafeteria.

The next clue was using exponents and multiplication to determine the composite number.  This led the students to decode a secret message to reveal the location of the next clue, the nurses office. 

Once they received the next clue from the nurse, the students saw a QR code that led them to a Google Form. The Google form had a series of prime factorization problems that the students worked through, but if they answered incorrectly, the students had to sit through a video that explained the steps of prime factorization before answering the question again. 

At the end of the form the students knew where to go to find the next clue.  Students received the next clue which contained puzzle pieces. Students properly matched up the puzzle pieces then rearranged the pieces to reveal a word which led them to the next clue. 

The students final clue was to research a publishing date on a famous children's book then find the prime factorization of that year. Students were allowed to research the book on their chromebooks. 

At the end, students received a congratulations letter from me :) 

I loved how engaged they were through out the entire activity! This was rigorous, relevant and exciting for the students and ME! If you would like to get your hands on this awesome activity click HERE! 

Before we spent the day on this activity, we practiced prime factorization by playing BINGO! 

You can also find the BINGO game HERE! 

Tune in next time when I tell about my Math Properties Activities! 

Peace, Love, Math

Top 5 Back to School Tips to Keep Your Sanity! Plus a Giveaway!

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It is that time again, where we lose sleep over cute classrooms, professional development and engaging activities.  This will be my 15th year of teaching and I am still up early worrying about stuff that I need to do! I will be presenting to the new teachers at my school today and I have come up with 5 Back to School tips to KEEP YOUR SANITY!

1. Cute Classrooms take time, especially if you are a new teacher, and won't get paid until the end of September ( I remember this time )! Just do what you can do, to make it cute.  Don't get caught up in Instagram and Facebook photos of cute and perfect classrooms.  Those classrooms took time and years to put together.  Your students will love you based on the relationship you form with them, not because you have the cutest classroom ever. Super Tip- Use fabric for your bulletin boards.  The fabric wont fade and will last for years! Plus you can buy fabric that has an awesome theme, print or design to make your boards POP!

2.  You are NOT ALONE! The first couple of weeks are stressful for EVERYONE regardless of how long they have been teaching. Make sure to breathe, relax when you get home and remember you are not the only one who feels stress. Super Tip- Form a relationship with your team.  I am so lucky to work with my best friends! I could not imagine going through a school year without them.  We share our feelings and have each other's back.

3. Set expectations and rules the minute the students come into the class.  Once you have set those expectations and rules for the class, be consistent and vigilant. This will be stressful in the beginning and you will sound like a parrot, just repeating yourself, but after a month or two (may be a semester) the students will get it and then you will not have to repeat yourself anymore. Super Tip- Have students create the rules with you.  You can facilitate the discussion and lead students towards the rules you want. The students will have more buy in when they are a part of the process.

4. Everyday is a new day and learn from your mistakes! There will be days that your lesson doesn't go the way it was supposed to, or there are drills or assemblies in the middle of instruction or you spill coffee all over your cute outfit.  Those days suck but the good thing about those sucky days is that they are over the minute your head hits the pillow.  You wake up and guess what? It is a new day! Leave the mistakes behind you, learn from the mistakes and move forward.  Super Tip- Have this same belief about your students.  Kids have bad days too.  Don't hold a grudge.  Kids make mistakes so let them know that tomorrow is a new day and a clean slate.

5. Prepare in advance! Know your content and standards! If it is your first year, you may want to plan out what you want to say and do each day.  You never want to "wing it" because the kids will know and they will not be engaged.  You want to prepare and anticipate everything that can go wrong with an activity.  Super Tip- Find someone who does know their content and use them as a resource.

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I'm Moving On Up! (To Sixth Grade That Is :)

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Next year I will be looping to sixth grade math.  I am very excited about the change.  I will be headed back down to fifth after next year so please bare with me fellow fifth grade teachers, I will be back! I am looking forward to the challenge and can't wait to share my lessons and activities with you all! If you can, please forward my blog to your sixth grade teachers, I would love to collaborate! I am currently working on an escape room challenge for prime factorization and a complete learning cycle for teaching the properties of math operations.

To help celebrate all the wonderful things in life right now, #hellosummer, #hellosixthgrade, #hellovacay, I have joined in with other wonderful teachers to offer an amazing giveaway!

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Thank you all for following Math Chick! I hope you continue to follow now that I am moving to 6th grade! Share the wealth with your fellow math teachers :)

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