Integrating Literature into Math Lessons- Using Storybird

Sunday, April 19, 2015
I love TWITTER! I saw this post on twitter yesterday.

Although it contains activities that are suited for lower grades than I currently teach, it is inspiring to see how poetry and literature can be integrated into a math activity.

I try to integrate literature often into my lessons.  I read books to reinforce mathematical concepts.

I have used Multiplying Menace to reinforce multiplication.  This book even hits on multiplying by fractions.

I love Minnie's Diner, it allows us to focus on doubles and how quickly numbers increase as you double the numbers. Next we explored how quickly numbers increase as we triple them.

There are many more books that I love to use, but when I started to teach rounding to the nearest tenth and hundredth, I could not find a book that would be useful on this topic.

I recently ran across a wonderful web-based program, called Storybird.  This is a free site that allows educators to form classrooms and invite students to their classroom. Storybird is very user friendly and comes equipped with literally thousands of free and ready to use illustrations.  Students can pick the illustrations that inspire them to write an amazing story!

Once your students are in your classroom, they can write their own picture books and poetry! I challenged my students to write their own book that would explain how to round numbers to the nearest tenth and hundredth.

Here are a few samples of my students work:

As a wonderful bonus, Storybird allows parents to order printed, hard back, copies of their child's original work. Storybird is a Chrome App or you can access it through the internet,

Storybird has an App that you can download on Ipads, called Lark.  This allows students to create their own poetry using a single image for inspiration. Here is the app for Ipads,

Try Storybird in your math classroom!

Peace, Love, Math- Jennifer

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