Starting Review Stations for Math STAAR

Saturday, April 4, 2015
       Last week we took the Reading STAAR test.  Now the time has come to review for Math STAAR.  I decided that I would start to review by using review stations.  I have divided up the most important TEKS into 4 stations per day.  Each student will rotate every 20 min through the 4 stations.  One of the stations, is ME :) I make sure I have the readiness standard TEK so that I make sure they have mastered that concept.  Before I start to tell you about the stations let me give you a little bit of background on my students, class size and time per class. 
        I have 69 fifth graders.  I have three students that are in a pull out situation based on their needs.  I teach 66 students each day.  We are a fully inclusion school, which means that every student is in the general ed classroom, unless their needs are met best in a pull out.  I currently teach GT learners, Autistic learners, Dyslexic learners, Students with learning disabilities and a few 504 students for various reasons.  My school is 56% economic disadvantaged.  I am truly blessed to teach math 90 minutes a day.  The reason my students are successful is that I use activity based lessons.  These lessons allow every student to access the content regardless of disability or hardship.  
         I have chosen 4 topics to cover every day.  I assigned each group with an even number of students so that within the group they may partner up.  I moved furniture around in my room to allow students the ability to move around freely with their partners.  I posted signs on each station so that the students would know where to rotate next.  Students worked in their stations for 20 minutes before switching.  
         On April 1st, we started! I discussed with the students how the stations would work everyday.  I asked the students to come in, put their items up, get paper, pencil, and their planner, then meet me on the carpet.  From here I tell about the day's stations.  How the station works, is it independent or with partners, what items they will need etc.  

         Station 1- Comparing Decimals- Students will play decimal war. Students worked in partners. (these are cards I found on the internet) Decimal War

Station 2- Expanded Notation- (this is something I created) Expanded Notation Partner Game Students worked on this independently.

Station 3- 2d Shape Attributes- This group was with me and we used different word problems they may encounter. We discussed venn diagrams and charts seen in the questions I pulled from various resources.

Station 4- Division- Divide and Conquer game out of the Kamiko Book Buy the game Look at it and make your own version Students worked on this in partners.

On April 2nd, 

Rounding Decimals- Play Rounding Roll- Use the two documents- Game Sheet Place Value Mat *the word document may be different than what is uploaded in google docs, you may need to modify. Students worked in partners.

Order of Operations- Students will work with me on Order of Operation problem solving.

Multiplication- Students will use the multiplication task cards with QR codes. ( I just got some free ones on Teachers Pay Teachers) Students worked with partners.

Coordinate Grids- Students will use IPADS and play the two coordinate grid games that are on the IPADS. These games are awesome! Butterfly Brunches & Coordinate Pics I like the Coordinate Pics App the best because it allows the students to practice y= x + a and gives them the x to put into the equation. Students worked independently at this station.

We were off from school on April 3rd. I am excited about next week and look forward to sharing with you all the stations we used! Thanks for reading!
Peace, Love, Math- Jennifer

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