Using Ipads to Discover Shape Attributes in the School Environment

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Who doesn't love a good shape hunt?  I am sure many of you have hunted for shapes around your campus.  This year we hunted for shapes but used the ipads as a source of collecting shapes.  After the hunt we used the app, Skitch to annotate the shapes we found.

Before class I put several shapes into an empty box.  Students were put into pairs, and each pair drew a shape out of the box.  The shape that they pulled was what they were to look for when walking around the building.  Once they found their shape, they used the camera on the ipad to document their find.  They could find and take pictures of their shape, more than once.  When everyone had found their given shape, we went back to the classroom.

In the classroom students used the ipad to access the app called Skitch.  This app allows students to access the camera roll on the ipad and upload the photo of their shape.  From here the app allows students to use arrows, text, and free draw onto their picture.  Students were to annotate, lines, angles, and the name of their shape.  Here are a few examples:

Once all students were done with their work, they shared their shape on google drive with me and then presented their shape and it's attributes to the class. 

Skitch is a very easy tool to use.  You can annotate a PDF file, or even a web page.  Once the student is done with their work, they can share their finished project using google drive, email or even message.  We will definitely be using Skitch again in the future!

You can download Skitch for free using this link:

Let me know what you used Skitch to do in your classroom!

Peace, Love, Math- Jenn

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