Multiplication and Division Activites

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Wow,  I have been busy!  The start of the school year is always so challenging.  Routines to establish, classroom management to control and not to mention, all the Math TEKS I have to squeeze in before our first major assessment.
Here are a couple of wonderful activities I have done this past few weeks.

Multiplication Detectives-  This activity has students focusing in on the standard algorithm of multi digit multiplication.  I created 12 different cards.  Each card has a multiplication problem that is incorrect.  Students work in partners to determine the error in each problem.  After wards the partners work together to solve the problem correctly.  This really allows students a chance to evaluate the process of multiplication.  To get your own copy of the Multiplication Detective handout click HERE

Multiplication Project Using PicCollage- 
Students created a PicCollage using the app on their Ipad.  PicCollage is a free app and is an amazing tool to use in classrooms.  This project had a step by step checklist that students needed to follow.  This checklist also served as my rubric. To get a copy of the project click HERE

Who Needs Division Anyway??- This activity was great and it refreshed their memory about division.  I knew they already knew how to divide, but I really wanted to slow down and have them really think about how we use division in the real world.  I put students into groups of 4.  Within these groups students were given a real world problem.  With this problem students used blocks to act out what is happening in each problem.  I did not want students to use pencil and paper, instead I wanted the groups to act out what is happening in each problem.  When students were done.  I videoed each group present or act out their situation using the blocks.  Afterwards I showed the videos to the entire class so that everyone was able to see everyone else's problem and solution. To get a copy of the division problems click HERE

This week we are doing a project on division.  We are also working on how to write equations using a variable! I look forward to sharing our awesome work next week! 
If you use any of my activities, I would love to hear from you! Please leave comments below. 

Until then.... Peace, Love and Math

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