Curriculum Assessment- Collecting Data; Blendspace on Digital Citizenship

Sunday, October 25, 2015
I am excited to share that I was asked to co-host a webinar about Google for Education! I will be asked to share and discuss how I use Google within my classroom.  I am looking forward to sharing my ideas and I would love for you all to join the discussion! Here is a link that will allow you to register for the event.

This week we took curriculum assessments.  In my district these tests are used as a summative assessment.  Summative data is great to look at and analyze, but seems to shut down my class for a few days.  I have shared all of my activities and lessons thus far and I would like to share the results of those lessons.

Sorry about the messy PicCollage, but I didn't want to publish by school name.  Based on a 50% passing rate, I had 94% passing.  My lowest TEKS were 5.3A : estimation: 71% and 5.4B: Prime and Composite: 77%.  

I am very proud of my students and how they preformed on this test.  I will continue to focus on these two TEKS that they have not mastered yet.  

After testing I shifted gears just a bit.  We are a technology rich school, and yet I have not talked with my students about Digital Citizenship.  This is a very important issue that gets forgotten.  We talk with our kids about not talking to strangers on the street but we don't talk with them about talking to strangers online?? Students need to know how to handle strangers online, as well as, spam, pop ups or giving out personal information online.  I took Friday to discuss these important aspect with the students.  I allowed students to work through a Blendspace that featured interactive tutorials reinforcing digital citizenship.  

If you have never used Blendspace, it is a wonderful resource to order links, docs, videos, etc, for which you want students to access.  Students can even make comments on specific tasks.  This service is free and it can link up to your Google Drive account or Dropbox. 

Here is my Blendspace on Digital Citizenship.  

Next week, I will be headed to Camp Grady Spruce with my 5th graders! We take all of our 5th graders to camp to learn about many science experiences that we cannot bring into the classroom.

Until next week!
Peace Love and Math

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