Adding and Subtracting Decimals Using Simple Budgets and Rounding Decimals!

Saturday, November 7, 2015
Hello Everyone!
The last two weeks have been very crazy.  If you were not able to catch my webinar, check it out HERE for the next 90 days or so.  It was so fun doing this webinar with Google For Education!
Every year, during the last week of October, we take our kids to Camp Grady Spruce at Possum Kingdom Lake.  This is an amazing experience and teaches the kids so many science skills that cannot be brought into the classroom.  It also allows us a chance to get to know our kids in a non-academic setting! We hike, ride horses, canoes and learn how to shoot an arrow.

So when we came back from camp, we moved onto Rounding Decimals! We journaled how to round decimals and then the next day we played a game.  This is a game I saw on the internet that I modified to meet my needs and my TEK standard.  Here is a copy of the handouts: Handout Place Value Mat

I quick checked the students a little differently this time.  Instead of calling them over one by one and observing the student, I decided to create a Google Form and have all students quick check at the same time.  I was so glad that I chose to do this! The kids did well and the process took a fraction of the time! Thanks to Flubaroo, which is a Google Sheets Add-On, grading was done in seconds.  I have students complete the work on paper and then answer on the Google Form using the chromebook.  

Our next focus was on Adding and Subtracting Decimals, which I taught while also focusing on Balancing a Simple Budget.  We took quick notes on how to add and subtract decimals and then students took home an interview for their homework.  Students went home and interviewed their families about Budgets.  Here is a copy of that interview
The next day we used Padlet to collect thoughts from every interview.  

The next few days were spent working with budgets, income and expenses.  Another activity we used was a hands on way of figuring out how many hours a person would need to work in order to pay for three different expenses. 
I had two cups, one was a job cup and one was an expenses cup.  Students would pick one job and three expenses.  They would need to determine the least amount of work hours needed in order to balance their budget. 

You can buy all the cards and recording sheets, by visiting my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Income and Expenses- Working With A Simple Budget

Next Week: Gross and Net Income, Types of Taxes and the Start of Multiplying Decimals! 

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