Financial Literacy Featuring Animoto!

Saturday, November 21, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving BREAK!!!!

I want to highlight a special technology tool that I love to use in the classroom! ANIMOTO!!! If you have never seen an Animoto, it is a music video made with text and images.  This week, during enrichment time, my students made a music video to explain the financial literacy terms that we have been learning over the past couple of weeks.  Here are a couple of their videos that they made for this project:

My kids LOVE to use Animoto and it is very user friendly.  Here are some tips to using Animoto in the classroom:

1. Make sure you sign up for the FREE EDUCATOR Animoto! That's right FREE!!!! Here is the link to get your free version of Animoto! It says apply, but really, if you are an educator, you will receive a promo code for a free year of unlimited videos!

2. Make your Animoto account have an easy user name and password.  This will allow students to sign in to your Animoto and create their own videos.  For example: make your user name your last name, then make your password, Password.

3.  When students log onto your Animoto account, have students save their name as the title of their video.  This will allow you to find their work, and grade it accordingly.  Students can save their work and come back another day and work on it some more.  We only have 30 minutes a day for enrichment time, so this feature is awesome.  It allows the students to save and then pick up where they left off the next day.

4.  Talk with your students about behavior and being considerate of other's work.  Since the students are all using the same account, they can technically delete other students' work.  This has never happened to me, and I have used Animoto for three years.  I always tell the students that if they like Animoto and want to keep using it, they will need to respect other's work.

5. Create a rubric! Make sure to tell the students exactly what you expect in their finished project.  It is easy to get swept up in all the cool things Animoto does, and students can forget what and why they are actually doing the Animoto.
Here is a copy of my Financial Terms Animoto Rubric

I would love to hear new ideas on how to use Animoto in the classroom! If you already use it, please comment below and tell me how you love to use Animoto!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Peace, Love, Math-

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