Dividing Fractions using Gallery Walks and Technology!

Saturday, January 30, 2016
I cannot believe it will be February next Monday! Where has the time gone?!
This week I had the pleasant surprise to be featured on the front page of my Arlington ISD newsletter!  I love being able to share my ideas with the world (which is why I do this blog incidentally).                                          

I finished up fractions this week.  My students always make me so nervous but in the end they do really well on assessments. I was out one day for training and then I was out a half day for training.  This really drove me crazy because while I like learning new things, I hate to be away from the kids.  I swear it takes more time to prep for a sub, then it does prepping for a normal day! 
On Monday, we did a gallery walk. In partners, students would rotate around the room solving problems displayed on the wall.  
The hardest thing about dividing fractions is not the algorithm, but rather when to divide versus when to multiply, add or subtract.  My gallery walk just focused on dividing fractions.  The gallery walk also used pictorial representations.  Students used the representations to form an equation.  I had students record everything on to their recording document.  
If you would like to get your hands on Division Detectives, check it out here in my Teachers Pay Teachers store! 

On Tuesday, I was out so students watched cyberchase videos about fractions.  If you have never heard of cyberchase it is awesome! It is a cartoon, that is math based.  You can google search the show and get an itemized breakdown about what math concept is featured in every episode.  Students watched the episode I assigned and then took a quiz about the episode after watching.  

On Wednesday, we looked at word problems that involved adding, subtracting, multiplication and division.  I used Blendspace in order to share the word problems with students.  This saved a ton of paper.  Students also had the blendspace available at home in order to study.  Blendspace is super easy to use and there are some already made blendspace lessons you can use for free.   

On Thursday, which was the day before our test, I made a Quizizz for students to take.  I had never before used Quizizz, but I loved it! The kids loved it too! It is a free program that can be used in class much like Kahoot or Socrative, but it can also be used as homework.  The students love the funny memes that are used through out the game.  The game also allows students to complete the quiz at their own pace so that a students never feels rushed.  I am hooked! I assigned the quiz we did in class for homework so that students could have extra practice before their test.  

Next week we will start a month unit on GEOMETRY!! Can't wait to share the ideas I have! 

Peace, Love, Math

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