Pokemon Go Graphs!!! and MORE!

Saturday, August 27, 2016
WE MADE IT! First week of school is done! In fifth grade we hit the ground running! So this week we focused on graphing.  This is the third year with the new math standards and I am still trying to fully understand the rigor behind the standards.  I think every year I get a little better at the new concepts.  This year during our data and graph unit, I did some of the same things as last year but I added a few new activities to increase the rigor.
First we focused on Stem and Leaf.  We used favorite numbers between 20-49 and we also played SKUNK to collect data in a more engaging way.  Afterwards I handed out a laminated piece of manilla paper with a stem and leaf graph in the middle.  I divided the paper into four sections.  Each student in the group was responsible for writing a question that could be solved using the stem and leaf.

After they wrote questions, they switched with another group and solved the other group's questions. 

The next day we looked at Dot Plots.  Just like last year, we made dot plots using or hand span and shoe sizes.  You can see those activities in an earlier post on my blog. We also used Padlet to look at several other examples of dot plots. Padlet is a virtual bulletin board which allows students to post in response to questions I ask.  

The next day we moved onto bar graphs.  We used Edmodo like we did last year, as a way to collect data.  Edmodo creates digital bar graphs that students can interpret. Afterwards, in partners, students looked at bar graphs and double bar graphs and analyzed statements to conclude if the statement is true or false.  This is an awesome way that students can justify their thinking and solve problems using their reasoning skills.  
Visit my TpT store and get your own copy of the bar graph analysis here: Bar Graph Analysis

On Friday we did an activity that I am super excited about! It features Pokemon Go! I figured if you can't beat'em join'em! I played Pokemon Go for a week and it was incredibly time consuming but fun! I have to be honest, I do not play it anymore, haha. 
First I showed a short slide show that describes Pokemon Go for students who had no clue what it was.  Then I hung posters aka Pokestops around the room.  Students worked with partners to rotate around the rooms looking at the posters.  Students used a cootie catcher aka Pokeballs to ask each other questions. The kids loved this! They also loved they could talk to me about something they are interested in! 

I laminated the posters so that at the end of the acitvity, as a class, when we went over a few questions, I could write on the poster with a dry erase marker.  
If you would like to do this acitvity in your class, head on over to my TpT store.  The download comes with posters, cootie catchers and the link to my google slide show! Pokemon Go Graph Activity!

Tune in next week for multiplication activities! 

Peace, Love, Math- Jennifer 

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