New School Year, New Activities! Multiplying Decimals, Dividing Decimals and a new Types of Taxes Board Game!

Sunday, November 20, 2016 No comments
I love to change up my activities from year to year.  Even though my students did extremely well last year on the state achievement test, I hate to do the same lessons every year.  One reason I try to change it up from year to year, is that students are not the same each year.  Some years are better than others while some years require a different approach.  This year, the students require a different approach.  I have to be very explicit with my directions and expectations.  I cannot assume anything this year.  With that being said, I made some new activities in order to teach this year's topics to mastery. 

What better way to reinforce decimal multiplication using the standard algorithm than BINGO! Students love bingo and they love to win! You can grab your own set of Bingo cards for FREE at my TpT store! Click HERE

I was looking for an activity that would allow my students to practice multiplying decimals to the hundredths while working on problem solving skills.
I came up with the GREAT GROCERY HUNT! This activity is AMAZING! I used products that anyone should be able to find in any grocery circular! One great thing about this activity is that it is open ended and can be done with any grocery store ad. In my classroom, there were 3 different apples to pick from. I did not mind which apple they chose as long as the math was correct. 

As an added bonus, this activity helps their inferential thinking skills, that they need so badly in reading class. Because the questions are written in clues, students must gather clues and decide on which product to use in their solution. 

Download comes with activity sheets, teacher directions and answer key. It also comes with a word doc that is completely editable! You can add your own questions or edit mine! You can make it more difficult or use different product in your own grocery store circular. 

This could be done individually or with partners. You could also put this in a math station! To get your own copy visit my TpT store or click HERE! 

While students were working on Multiplying Decimals, I was reteaching Dividing Decimals Using Models.  I created this sorting activity that helped to reinforce how students look at models.  They figure out the quotient, the equation, and what the total is of the model.  This is the most confusing part for the students.  Students often have trouble looking at the model and being able to determine the total divided by the number of groups (seen in the model) equals one group (which is your quotient).  Often times students want to put the one group down as the total of the model.  The sorting activity really helped my students make those connections! They actually did better on there Curriculum Assessment on dividing decimal models then multiplying decimal models.  That is a first for me! 

I have these task cards/ sorting activity on my TpT store! Click HERE! 

Lastly I made a board game that helps students practice defining the four types of taxes.  Taxes featured in the game are Property, Income, Payroll and Sales.  The students LOVED this game! They did very well and could recall the types of taxes quickly and accurately. I used fake coin money as the "people movers" on the board game, super cute and super engaging! 

You can pick up your own copy of this game here at my TpT store or click HERE! 

After Thanksgiving we will be learning about Coordinate Grids and Order of Operations! I look forward to sharing the activities with you! 

Peace, Love, Math- Jenn