Order of Operations and Integrating Literature with Coordinates!

Saturday, December 3, 2016
This week we focused on Order of Operations without exponents.  I developed a great activity that allowed students to analyze different problems while looking for mistakes.  I instructed the students that they were human lie detectors :) .  Students determined if the statements where Truths or Lies.  Students worked through each problem justifying why the problem was a Truth and why the problem was a Lie.  They sorted the cards onto the sorting mat which has QR codes to reveal the correct answers.

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Next the students played a partner game in which students "Choose Your Fate".  Students were given an equation card with a QR Code.  The partner chooses the fate (which step to solve the problem to) of the other partner.  This is a great activity to really focus in on which step is first and which step is third and so on.  This is also a QR Code activity which reveals all the steps to solve each equation.  This is very rigorous and really helped my students slow down and look at each individual step! 

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On Friday we began one of my favorite units which is coordinate grids.  I love to integrate literature whenever possible, so we started off the unit with the Fly on the Ceiling by Julie Glass.  This is a great book to begin learning coordinates and it actually tells a story about how Rene Decartes developed the coordinate system.  Afterwards the students had their own flies on the ceiling activity to practice plotting flies onto a coordinate grid.  I bought little plastic flies from Amazon.  The students LOVED this activity! 

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Until next time! 
Peace, Love and Math! 

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