Reaching for the Stars! Movement on the Coordinate Grid

Saturday, December 10, 2016
TEKS 5.8C explains that students will need to be able to move around on the coordinate grid using directions like right, left, up and down as well as cardinal directions such as north, south, east and west.  Thus I created Reach for the Stars! This game was fabulous and the students loved playing!

The partner game required so many different TEKS and standards that it was awesome to see the students work together! First students came up with a starting point, by spinning a spinner.  This is the only time that they will spin the spinner.  Next students drew cards from the bag.  Cards have 1, 2 and 3 step directional movements.  Students then follow the directions.  If they ever pass through a star or land on a star, the students receive the points indicated on each star.  Students record and add up their points on the score board.  I laminated my game boards and had students use dry erase markers.  I gave students two different colored markers.  I also had my students complete an exit slip with STAAR prep questions, and I was amazed at how many students retained the movement concept! If you would like to complete this activity in your class, check it out HERE!

Next week, is our last week before winter break.  My class will be making a Crystalized Snowflake and I have also made an activity called Winter Wonderland! I can't wait to use this new activity in my class! If you would like a sneak peak, check it out HERE!

Have a wonderful last week (if it is your last week:)
Peace, Love and Math

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