Adding and Subtracting Fractions- Some Oldies but Goodies and One Newbie!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
This year I used two of my favorite activities that I have featured already on my blog and one new activity that I designed this year.
One oldie but goodie is my Musical Mix-Up!  This is where I give students name tags with different fractions on the name tag.  I play music, we dance around, and when the music stops we pair up.  I roll a dice and if its even, the pair adds their fraction "names" together.  If I roll an odd number, we subtract the two fractions.  This is so much better than a boring worksheet! This year I went big and made actual "Hello my name is..." name tags.  The students loved introducing themselves with their "new name".  I also made a recording sheet, which helped to organize their work.

To try Adding and Subtracting Fractions Unlike Denominators Musical Mix-Up click on the link to go directly to the product in my TpT store. 

Next, we did a brand new activity I created completely on the chromebook.  This activity uses the Google Drive and is an interactive Google Slide project.  This was an amazing problem solving opportunity for the kids! Students problem solved math concepts while also learning technology applications and processes.  This was rigorous and the students loved working on the technology.
I can't wait to make more Google projects. 

You can do this same project in your class, all you need is Google Drive! 

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Unlike Denominators Google Classroom Activity can be found at my TpT store! When you purchase the activity you will get directions on how to share this with your students. 

Last but certainly not least is my Adding and Subtracting Fractions Super Slime! I love this activity! I had featured this on my blog in an earlier post.  
Each step contained the process to make the slime but it was missing the measurements.  Students needed to figure out the correct measurements by solving either an addition or subtraction problem written on each step.  After they had solved the problem, they took the step and solution to me and if they are correct, I gave them the supplies they needed and the next step to work on at their desk.  
I created easier problems for students who need accommodations and more complex problems for students who needed a challenge. They loved this activity! And they were so motivated and engaged to solve the problems correctly in order to make the slime! If you would like a copy of the activity and all the questions head on over to my store on Teachers Pay Teachers and grab you a copy!

Next topic is Dividing Unit Fractions and Wholes! Stay Tuned!
PS: I apologize that the font and links are doing something funky :) I am trying to fix it!

Peace, Love, Math

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