Additive and Multiplicative Patterns!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
I have created this google resource to help review for the upcoming STAAR test. If you have never used Google Slides to reinforce math topics you are missing out! All you need is google drive and a way to share the link with the kids.  I choose to share the link through Edmodo but could also be shared with a QR code or through Google Classroom.

Students will sort, create tables, create graphs and problem solve in this Google Activity! Access it here on my TpT store! 


This week we have been busy learning all about Additive and Multiplicative Patterns! We have learned how to create a table, an equation, and to graph it on a coordinate grid.
We started out with learning and journaling the definitions of Additive and Multiplicative.  We also journaled the equations y = ax and y = a+ x.
Afterwards students completed my Out of This World Pattern Sort! This sort is perfect for looking at tables and graphs and sorting the cards based on which type of pattern was seen, additive or multiplicative.  I loved to hear the students debate which type of patterns they encountered.  Students then received immediate feedback using QR Codes.

You can get your own copy of Out of This World Patterns in my TpT store! CLICK HERE! 

Next we generated, created a table, equation, and graph using whole numbers.  We used an interactive partner game called What's My Rule: Whole Numbers.  I laminated the game boards so that students could use dry erase markers.  This cuts down on copying! We just focused on whole number today. 

The following day we played the same game, however, we incorporated decimals! We created patterns by adding decimals and multiplying decimals. They did amazingly!

You can pick up both "What's My Rule" games here! Whole Number Game and Decimal Game

We are moving on to Prime and Composite tomorrow! Stay Tuned! 

Peace Love and Math
Jennifer <3

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