Dividing Unit Fractions!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
This week, and last week, we have been focusing on dividing unit fractions by wholes and dividing wholes by unit fractions.
We started out the topic by showing why we can't flip flop with division like we can with multiplication (commutative property).  For example: 2x3= 6 and 3x2= 6 but 6 divided by 3 is not the same as 3 divided by 6.  So we learned how to draw both types of division with wholes and unit fractions.  We also acted out both types of division.
The next day we did a partner gallery walk called Fraction Division Detectives.  I love using gallery walks to get the students up and moving around.  I monitored and heard wonderful conversations.  Students not only had to produce the math via algorithm but also draw a model to reinforce the concept and prove their thinking.  You can find this activity here on my TpT store :)

The next lesson we did was a new Google Interactive activity I created.  Students matched equations to models, designed their own digital models, problem solved and completed some test prep questions.  This was amazing!!! They worked so well and could design quality digital models. I love using these Google activities! Here is a direct link to this one, Dividing Unit Fraction Google! 

You don't need Google Classroom to do these activities, all you need is access to Google drive.  You and your kids will love it! I have more lessons like this one at my TpT store!  

Lastly, we practice the algorithm, using Connect Four! (partner games) Students practiced each type of division by playing two different versions of Connect Four!

We will be assessing tomorrow on ALL the fractions concepts we have learned this month.  I can't wait to see what they have learned! 

Our next concept is writing equations using a letter for the unknown, stay tuned! 

Peace, Love, Math- 

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