Scatter Plot Graph Lessons and Actvities

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
This week we welcomed in a new year! 2017 came before I even realized 2016 was over! The students came back to school yesterday and I knew they would be half awake so I decided the perfect standards to address would be the Scatter Plot Graph standards.  My fifth graders must know how to create a scatter plot graph based on data and solve questions that refer to the data.
I had posted in a previous post about my Cup Stacking Activity.  I have perfected the Cup Stacking Activity and have added it to my TpT store.  I made this activity more STEM like and have added questions and graphs to the activity.
 All my materials are listed in the TpT downloaded activity    

 Students were timed in 10 sec intervals.  In my more advanced class, I used 5 sec intervals.

 The trio of students consisted of 3 jobs.  The builder, who builds, the counter, who counts, and the recorder who records on the class graph.

 Students had their own group graph too!

I like to display the class graph so that everyone can see how each group is doing.  I color coded the groups on the graph.

The had a blast with this and were highly engaged! You can download this STEM challenge here! 

The next day we completed a brand new activity! 3 In A Row: a Scatter Plot Game
I needed to develop a way for students to have fun but still answer problems related to scatter plot graphs! I came up with this wonderful partner game! 

This activity results in students answering 36 problems! It is amazing! The kids loved it and were having wonderful conversations! The game is played in partners and has a graph sheet with 6 graphs.  There are 6 standard questions that can be answered with each graph! Students answer questions and find the answer on the game board.  Then they color the answer in.  Students try to get as many "3 in a rows" as they can in order to win the game! You can do this in your own class, just visit my TpT Store or click HERE! 

We are moving onto Additive and Multiplicative Patterns tomorrow so stay tuned for new ideas! 

Peace, Love, Math

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