Let's Celebrate! STAAR Scores are Back!

Friday, April 21, 2017
What a perfect time to celebrate! 
Let me start by saying, I believe that test scores do not define a child in his or her entirety. My students have grown so much and showed that growth on this STAAR test. With or without a test, EVERY student has grown this year, and EVERY student has evolved into a better reader, mathematician, and scientist. I strongly feel that this is the reason they are able to perform so well on the tests. Not because they have been taught how to do a test, but have learned and discovered their inner mathematician, scientist or reader and can think critically about the material.

 I am very excited to announce that we received our test scores for Math and Reading STAAR tests.
 I wanted to share with you just how amazing your students are! 

I had 100% of my students (every student including those who has special education support and accommodations) passed the first administration of the STAAR test! I am very proud of them and all of their hard work! 

Just in time to help me celebrate is a TEACHER GIVEAWAY!  I have joined in on Teacher Genie's amazing celebration! Way to go! 4000 members is AWESOME! 

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Peace, Love and Math!

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