Prime Factorization Fun!

Sunday, September 3, 2017 No comments
I love to teach Prime Factorization! This year I have added a new activity into the mix! It was so much fun! The kids were engaged and worked through many rigorous problems to show their prime factorization skills. The activity is called Penny's Prime Factorization Predicament.  This is an escape room type activity that allowed students to work out several problems to decipher clues which led to other clues hidden all around the school. The students absolutely loved it! The first clue was a coloring clue that led the students to find clue 2 in the cafeteria.

The next clue was using exponents and multiplication to determine the composite number.  This led the students to decode a secret message to reveal the location of the next clue, the nurses office. 

Once they received the next clue from the nurse, the students saw a QR code that led them to a Google Form. The Google form had a series of prime factorization problems that the students worked through, but if they answered incorrectly, the students had to sit through a video that explained the steps of prime factorization before answering the question again. 

At the end of the form the students knew where to go to find the next clue.  Students received the next clue which contained puzzle pieces. Students properly matched up the puzzle pieces then rearranged the pieces to reveal a word which led them to the next clue. 

The students final clue was to research a publishing date on a famous children's book then find the prime factorization of that year. Students were allowed to research the book on their chromebooks. 

At the end, students received a congratulations letter from me :) 

I loved how engaged they were through out the entire activity! This was rigorous, relevant and exciting for the students and ME! If you would like to get your hands on this awesome activity click HERE! 

Before we spent the day on this activity, we practiced prime factorization by playing BINGO! 

You can also find the BINGO game HERE! 

Tune in next time when I tell about my Math Properties Activities! 

Peace, Love, Math